Here’s a photograph.

It is flattering, chosen from a number of much less flattering photographs. It’s the one that goes on the cover of my books. Me on a good day. I have combed my hair and am trying hard to be photogenic. I’m not sure I like the way my head tilts to the side. I don’t think it does normally

What else? What other salient facts? …

Well, wife, children will wish to speak for themselves.

My deeds, such as they are, vary with the seasons and my inclinations, and anyway isn’t that what the blog is for; to divulge slices of information – should anyone be interested – on my miscellaneous musings and other indiscretions.

The blog also contains, among other things, Notes from the Author’s (my) Indian Travels in 2001. This is being added to (slowly) chapter by chapter. If you want to read the whole thing as a book, then start from Chapter 1 (all the chapters are numbered) and work up. It might amuse you.

One thing I will say about myself is that, besides writing, I meditate (vipassana) for 3 hours a day. Me is a difficult and (hopefully) vanishing topic for meditators. This – the impermanence of me – makes the author of this page flinch from setting into permatype anything further.

So, enough. Look at other pages. Buy my books. Tell your friends.